What to Expect


What to expect from your session


Here are a few things to expect and prepare for if you are considering booking or have already booked a session with me.

1. Our session will take place either at your home, or at a previously agreed upon outdoor location.

I love natural light! So if your home has lots of windows, it may be a good option to do your shoot right in your own home! I feel this helps capture an authentic example of your real life and family. However if space is tight and the lightening isn’t desirable we can pick an outdoor location. Usually a park, beach or city landmark, depending on the feel you are hoping to achieve. Maybe there is a park that holds meaning for your family, somewhere you always go, or a place that has significance to you. Choosing a location that also has shaded or covered areas near is a great choice in case of rain.

2. My style is a mixture of lifestyle/ documentary and posed photography portraits.

My favorite photographs are the ones where people are interacting naturally. Sweet moments, laughing, tickling, walking etc. I also recommend choosing an activity that involves the whole family. Whether that’s blowing bubbles, throwing a ball, playing chess, or reading a book. This helps everyone warm up and makes for some great documentary shots! I will give direction throughout and also include some direction for some standard portrait shots. Try not to pressure little ones to pay attention and smile, leave that up to me! We will do a lot of moving around usually, and get ready to laugh!

3. Our session will be around 30 minutes for a mini session and around 1 hour for a full session.

The more people in the family the more important time management becomes during our session! I want to be able to capture some great moments and that takes a little time with warming up and scouting backdrops. So please make sure to arrive on time for our shoot or have your home ready if we are shooting there.

4. What to wear for your photo session.

Above all, wear something you are comfortable in! It’s best to wear something that reflects your personal style. Be mindful of the location and season and dress accordingly. Shivering kiddos or sweaty parents make for an unwanted challenge. Layering makes for a quick solution in lieu of an outfit change. And combining different textures, like tweed, courderoy and lace can add dimension to your photos as well. I would say avoid overly formal attire, noticeable logos, loud patterns and super bright or neon colors. All of these things can distract from the real focus of the photos – you!

5. Weather and Time of Day

Hawaii is such a beautiful place, and generally we have wonderful weather. Shooting on sunny or overcast days are best. Overcast allows great lighting for any time of day. Sunny days shooting early morning or around sunset makes for the most attractive lighting. However light rain is also not a big deal, especially if we are mindful of picking a location with some tree cover, or awnings on buildings etc.  I also enjoy breaking out the rain boots and umbrellas for a rainy day feel!  If it is torrentially down pouring however we will generally reschedule.

6. Personalize your session by bringing an item of significance to you.

A favorite toy stuffy or blanket can help the child relax and offers an opportunity to capture their personality further. If the session is outdoors I also recommend bringing a blanket that you don’t mind getting wet/dirty. This saves your outfits when we do some sitting down shots – which I love doing because everyone feels more relaxed sitting!

7. Please bring your form of payment the day of your session.

Cash is easiest for me. I also accept Paypal or Venmo. If using Paypal be sure to send the funds as a “gift to friends/family” otherwise Paypal subtracts a fee. My email for Paypal and Venmo is : krpphotography@hotmail.com .  If you want to pay with your credit card, I can send you an invoice that you pay over  Square.com.

8. After your session.

You can expect to see a sneak peak of a couple photos within the first week. A couple weeks after that, or sooner I will send you a link to your private online gallery of full sized and edited images. From here I encourage you to download each image at full size and save them to your desktop or laptop. Saving on your phone or tablet works for online sharing, but the file sizes are smaller so for printing be sure to save to an actual computer. The link should be up indefinitely but I don’t guarantee it – so make sure to save them! Share the link with friends and family, post the photos to your social media and please order prints through the link I send! (Or I can offer some recommendations of other online printing sites) There isn’t a set number of images for each shoot, but generally there are around 20-40 photos for a 30 minute mini session, and 40-80 for a full session, sometimes a lot more!